We will explore the tracheostomy care skills in the nursing lab practice this week. I hope you will access the resources on the course Moodle for engaging in your learning. I have attached tracheostomy care skills videos on, suctioning, changing and cleaning inner cannula on the WordPress to enhance your application.

Tracheostomy care Videos

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I trust if you may collaborate and edit for your learning on Etherpad. The shared access is

BC Open textbook on Clinical procedures for safer patient care

10.5 Tracheostomies

Additional resources
• Essential principles: tracheostomy care in the adult patient
• How to perform a tracheostomy dressing and inner cannula change
• Suctioning artificial airways in adults Tracheostomies and Endotracheal Tubes
• Management of and indications for tracheostomy in care of the critically ill patient
• Going Home with a Tracheostomy Information for Patients and Families

Management tracheostomy

suctioning_artificial_airways_adults SHR

Tracheostomy care home VCH

TT dressing n inner cannula change