Research 1

To explore the how the social determinants of health intersect with, and impacts, health and healing for clients who are experiencing a specific disease or episodic health challenge and; to discuss the implications of this intersection on the nursing care provided to clients related to a specific chronic disease or episode health challenge.

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Research 2

The purpose of this assignment is to explore, from an epidemiological perspective, a chronic disease. You can choose any of the chronic or degenerative illness or diseases in the Health and Healing 4 course.

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Research 3

The purpose of this assignment is to offer the learner the opportunity to reflect on the concepts learned during the cerebrovascular unit. The focus is on the nursing role in preparing the client and family regarding the potential psychosocial impact on the quality of life that a CVA may have. The student will create an informative package for the client and family, utilizing the concepts discussed in week 1 and 2 of this course including loss, grief, loneliness, isolation, collaboration, and safe environment.

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